1. lightly lumay said:

    I am interested in RMS products, so this was a helpful video. I am nor
    familiar with ASMR, but the softness of your voice is a refreshing change
    from so much of the hyper-sounding beauty videos.

  2. lamodedeparis said:

    best video i’ve found on RMS beauty products (and i’ve watch quite a few).
    the sound was a little off, but i can really see how the make-up goes on.

  3. Bee Shadu said:

    ……why are you whispering……………………………..??

  4. Tatyana Spravtseva said:

    Your voice is annoying.

  5. Angelica Moreno said:

    Do they have a powder?

  6. Neequu78 said:

    Char have you tried any products from Vapour? I really love their cheek and
    lip stain, plus their luminizing stick!

  7. funkadalik said:

    What contacts do you wear?!

  8. macho tony said:

    Wow, that is a magical room you got there. I bet your nightmares contain
    lavender monsters made of cotton candy.

  9. Bridget Lavender Ekeizan said:

    you’re absolutely amazing and so cute too!! i’ve had to come back to this
    video three or four times now because I can’t get enough of your voice 🙂
    please never stop making these videos! they’re just fantastic! xx

  10. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    I am. You can watch my Draw My Life

  11. rialbb said:

    That’s a giant comfy looking bed

  12. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Thank you so much =)) I’ll do another one =)

  13. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Count your blessings =)

  14. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Yup! But nope, it’s actually lavender 😉 Also purple right? =D Thank you

  15. TheTerminator said:

    can you do a mother child roleplay??

  16. joezybug said:

    I love your voice! Keep up the good work! Thank you for your videos 🙂

  17. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Aww. Thank you =]

  18. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    I wear Acuvue Oasis

  19. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Thank you, guys, for commenting and providing me some feed back on my
    videos 🙂 I haven’t been able to post any lately due to a strike going on
    nearby. Unfortunately, it sounds like war music outside with the drums and
    the horns and the sirens and people cheering so it’s not very ASMR-ry lol.
    Don’t worry, I have a feeling I’ll be coming out with a new one pretty soon
    😉 Love you guys~!

  20. Casey meyers said:

    Will this work for oily skin? I have oily skin and not sure if coconut oil
    is good for my skin or if it will make it my skin more oily.

  21. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    I have never tried Vapour but I have always wanted to~!

  22. Manda Jackson said:

    You are so gorgeous!

  23. Dasha Dostanko said:

    You look so healthy and dewy:3

  24. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Aww, thank you hon =] Ok i will. Greetings to Germany! I used to live there
    and I loved it…. =]

  25. Fairy Char ASMR said:

    Thank you =)

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