1. April Dunn said:

    I wear makeup every day and have done so for over 30 years without a break
    even over the weekend. Makeup protects the facial skin. My complexion is
    proof skin doesn’t NEED a break. I don’t wear organic makeup but what I do
    is take care of my skin. I’m 54 years old and usually when I tell my age,
    I’m told I look like I’m 40 or that I don’t look old enough to be a
    grandmother. I wash my face and moisturize every night and use only toner
    in the AM and moisturizer. All of us are different so makeup may not be a
    good idea every day for everyone. You can fit everyone into the same
    routine because we are all different.

  2. 100Rissalovesyou said:

    So beautiful

  3. miamiforever1 said:

    Why don’t you use foundation on your forehead? And amazing video by the way

  4. Imo B said:

    Love ur hair do a tutorial xcx

  5. Hana Saleh said:

    Loved it :). 

  6. Morgan Johnson said:


  7. tamia summerville said:

    you are sooo pretty 

  8. Chantel Watson said:

    I’ve probably seen this video 20 times. I love this video.

  9. Madison Langston said:

    You have flawless natural skin!!

  10. VanessaWebbDoes said:

    Your curls are so beautiful!

  11. mariaLOVE1212 said:

    Your skintone is so beautiful! Loved this look. xo

  12. 17sunnyhour said:

    She reminds me of Mya! 

  13. BubbaBoonies said:

    Tutorial on that bun please? x

  14. Prettie Dimplezz said:

    Can you do a curly high puff tutorial cause theres high puffs I haven’t
    found your hair so pretty so I think it would be great in a high puff

  15. Mega Gumelar said:

    You already pretty without make up ;.;

  16. ASpoonfulofLuxe said:

    Just found your channel, and I love it! Great tips on organic makeup
    options. I just bought the Mineral Fusion concealer today at Earth Fare,
    and so far so good. Can’t wait to try some of the others you mentioned.

  17. Ros Strong-Finch said:

    Very niiiiiiiiice… will use this as my tutorial once I order everything
    online (since there’s nothing down here in the boonies) thnx!!!

  18. Prettie Dimplezz said:

    You always look beautiful gorgeous hair love your tutorials nd make up

  19. KhadiJah Simms said:

    You have my eye shape to the T, I like that because I can get an idea of
    how the make-up would look on me.

  20. HealthyGroceryGirl said:

    Great video! I use all natural and organic make-up as well so it’s really
    fun to discover new products! Thanks for sharing :)

  21. Giovanna Gilio said:

    You are such a babe! You look like a doll <3

  22. Kai said:
  23. ℒα∂ƴ ℚ & Ṳ said:

    I think it’s absolutely DeLiCiouS…WoW!!! o‿ˆ

  24. wolgurl88 said:


  25. Dystany Samuel said:

    Kind of look like Jada Pinkett Smith mix with Halle Berry

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