1. Becky Collins said:

    Homemade Cosmetics Recipes !!!!!!!

    #organic #recipe #cosmetics #homemade #beautycare #homemaderecipes

  2. ezekiel archuleta said:

    Homemade Cosmetics Recipes !!!!!!!

    #organic #recipe #cosmetics #homemade #beautycare #homemaderecipes

  3. amber morris said:

    that looks great 😉
    plus have cucumber slices for eyes.
    Also love coconut oil for skin.

  4. Sparxiii said:

    The word is acneic* It’s a dermatological term. Means your skin is prone to

  5. Lisa Gibson said:

    I don’t know about the fridge but it should keep awhile in the freezer for
    a few months at least.

  6. TheBodyCareRN said:

    Very nice!

  7. Lisa Gibson said:

    You could always put it in a ziplock bag or a storage container and float
    it in a bowl of hot water to warm it up..

  8. Cleansinq said:

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  9. 1001myplaylist said:

    Organic but microwaved? noooooo:(

  10. BLTwitch said:

    Ac-nay-ic skin? What..?

  11. Annie M Smolkin said:

    tutorial please :)

  12. Ashley Elizabeth said:

    Thank you so much ! I know i keep telling myself to do one im nervous i
    dont know why!! :)but if you guys wanna see one im gonna do it !

  13. VixensLovee said:

    Love you’re review! I def want to try the foundation 😀

  14. Ashley Elizabeth said:


  15. Ashley Elizabeth said:

    Is it not so cute ! yes it is they are based out of Vancouver! you can
    order from them online i believe !

  16. carolinezcraftz said:

    love the packaging, is it a canadian brand?

  17. thelovelybambina said:

    love your videos!! your soo pretty 🙂 you should do a makeup tutorial soon!
    maybe a smokey eye. xoxo

  18. de1978l said:

    thanks checked out web site wow

  19. Ashley Elizabeth said:

    its actually really amazing i love it !

  20. VixensLovee said:

    You should ask them to sponsor a giveaway for you!! It would be so fun for

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