Natural and Organic Make-up – Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

A nice line of mineral make-up products, many of which are all natural and many have primarily organic ingredients. Check out their waterproof cosmetic bags …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Afterglow Cosmetics offers organic cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, mineral foundation, natural foundation, etc. You can purchase on…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Colorful Canary said:

    So true, that’s why I generally like to make my products from organic food
    ingredients. Yes, I always say to read all of the ingredients all of the
    time. I too had a company claiming to be organic on their website swap out
    ingredients without changing any info on the front of the bottle. Bubble &
    Bee is fantastic! Have you tried their Coconut Lime Body Butta? Yummy!

  2. Tina Fay said:

    That is Awesome I would Love to Sell their Products!!!! I Love all Natural
    organic products. it is the best way to Go!!!!(:

  3. Colorful Canary said:

    Will do 🙂

  4. Nathalie de wit said:

    Do they sent to the netherlands?

  5. Ava Kate said:

    or be harmful in anyway shape or form?

  6. lumwu said:

    I learned that even companies don’t always stick to what is on the
    ingredient list. Stephanie Greenwood of Bumble and Bee wrote about how one
    brand of organic shampoo listed all natural ingredients but when it was
    tested in a lab, it contained some very unnatural chemicals that were not
    even listed in the ingredient list. Also,pet food companies do the same,
    the ingredients don’t match up to lab tests. So hard to trust any company
    these days.

  7. russ munchkin said:

    How about these 2 skincare brands, Kora organics and Grown. They are both
    organic and 100% natural, i’ve used some of grown products and they are
    amazing, very soothing and refreshing!

  8. Colorful Canary said:

    Iron oxide is not suspected to cause cancer however it can be contaminated
    with other toxins and heavy metals such as lead. Iron oxide compounds are
    being investigated for possible harmful effects to humans.

  9. lumwu said:

    Seventh Generation claimed that their laundry detergent was safe for the
    earth and then I read in Consumer Reports that their lab tests revealed
    otherwise. Today, I find out that Whole Foods sells GMO foods, although
    they will finally start labeling them.

  10. Colorful Canary said:

    I’m not sure, the owners are really nice, pop them an email and see.

  11. Ava Kate said:

    can iron oxide cause cancer?

  12. Colorful Canary said:

    Some companies don’t even disclose all of their ingredients. If a company
    will not provide the FULL list of ingredients then don’t ever buy it is my
    motto. Dr. Bronner’s Baby mild liquid soap is the only cleaning product I

  13. Colorful Canary said:

    It depends on the product, some of the Kora Products are not completely
    natural nor are they all organic, this is why I stress to read all of the
    ingredients in each and every product – not just the marketing claims.
    Grown looks like it could possibly be okay but they don’t have their full
    ingredients listed. Without knowing exactly what’s in a products, I can’t
    comment. 🙂

  14. Wheaten Beauty said:

    Oooh, will have to save my pennies to try. Let me know if you try the

  15. Colorful Canary said:

    Thanks but it’s not organic and some of the products contain parfumes and
    Polysorbate…This product line is not for me.

  16. russ munchkin said:

    Hi there, i was wanting to share with you a lovely natural skincare range.
    It’s called moo goo it’s amazing, and since your into natural skincare,
    then you should try this! or at least browse through their website 🙂

  17. DominiqueZone said:

    so how did you end up getting the free make-up? I’m asking b/c alot of
    companies send free make-up i have noticed and i was just wondering if you
    ask them or they spotted you on here and got in contact with you or what?

  18. Petra Poranen said:

    i love your hair !

  19. Juliefrericks said:

    Where does everybody get their makeup!? I get free samples via a site
    called: gratis make up samples – just got some beautiful Olay makeup last

  20. purplefish3 said:

    wow your hair looks soooo pretty!!!

  21. Haseeb Azer said:

    hi very nice video quality what camera you use ???

  22. fatema26 said:

    it’s just a misunderstanding so i’ll accept your apology ; and about the
    spelling ;i think you should commend my language instead of saying “learn
    how to spell” because english is obviously not my native language( i speak
    arabic hebrew english and a little bet hindi and korean) so if i was in
    your place i will just let it slide . besides i think that my grammer and
    spelling are GOOD , i just wrote it in a haste and didn’t check it

  23. meghanxinfinity said:

    wow great job, its so pretty! 🙂 are there products expensive? im 13 btw

  24. Christina Tobin said:

    i love your hair!!!

  25. Nataly Reynoso said:

    i love this tutorial!

  26. sarah lee said:

    hay dulce i love your hair in this video can u make a tutorial

  27. momo taro said:

    idk why some girls said thy’re animal lovers & refuse to wear natural fur
    coat, but they buy tons of natural-hair make-up brush. a girl told me
    proudly tht her brush is made of natural white goat hair!!~ i find it
    sickening. some are made of squirrel tails..this whole i-wear-only-faux-fur
    thing is just a trend for thm. idk tht’s just my thought. if u really care
    about animals, why not go all the way. srry if i offend anyone.

  28. 411WORLDREALITY said:

    love love love it

  29. katty7771 said:

    you have beautiful eyes 🙂 im sure u hear that alot .lol. great job

  30. TwilightFan82 said:

    wow thats so pretty! you are an artist 🙂

  31. NaturalyMommy said:

    what was the blush you used?? You never mentioned it? and its not in your
    list of things you used.

  32. oEmily16o said:

    wow she looks so beautiful in this vid! doesn’t she?<3 but does she wear
    Extensions..? mhm..:D:)

  33. DelightfuI said:

    Love how you did your eyes.

  34. ZulfuLivaneliSever said:

    what a beautiful girl

  35. Arthur Boyer said:

    save it, dickhead.

  36. esthellapika123 said:

    dirty nails man! :O

  37. Iva Noli said:

    GORGEOUS HAIR!! And make up to 🙂

  38. Deepa Anand said:

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  39. satellitetune said:

    Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  40. GottaLoveStuart said:

    Geez! It looks so complicate dbut it’s SOOO simple!!! Thank you! 😀 Your
    are the Makeup Genie ^^

  41. makemeup313 said:

    i love your hair girl do the tutorial pls!!!!

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