Beauty Obsessions: Skin Care [Winter 2013 Edition]

My current favorite skin care products for dry skin that don’t clog my pores. Click to expand for the full list of the products mentioned: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes:…
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Avalon Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner, 14 Ounce

Avalon Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner, 14 Ounce Read More : 100% vegetarian ingredients No animal testing Pure …
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  1. Cindy Diaz said:

    Hope you enjoy the video! What are some of your skin care faves/holy grail
    products? I’m also searching for a great hydrating body wash. Any

  2. Destiny Godley said:

    I have to check some of these out… CA is SOOOOO drying! 🙁 You look
    great! Love your nails and lashes!!! LOL and lips! 

  3. Holly Hung said:

    What’s on your eyes??? LOVE!!!

  4. AmToSaysSo said:

    Your eyes… I can’t look away! Girl, you make me want to buy everything in
    your “what I’m wearing” section! Ugh!

  5. Valarie said:

    That was a great review,very informative! Thanks!

  6. angelic1912 said:

    Tutorial, please!

  7. SNThe Wanderer said:


  8. Holly Hung said:

    Great job with being into skin care so early!! I LOVE using the Ocean Salt
    on my face!! It’s my favorite scrub!! Good products! Thanks!!! xo

  9. MsLux25 said:

    Will check out some of your recommendations like the wipes and Rose balm.
    For winter, I can’t live without Lavender Chamomile salt scrub from BBworks
    ( it’s smells herbal’esq and salty in the best way) and La Mer original

  10. leslie9242 said:

    Where did you get your rings? Super cute!

  11. bluemickey23 said:

    I love that Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy perfume too!

  12. woro aiu said:

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