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Showing some looks with the new Brija Cosmetics Downton Abbey Collection! -Last video – CCGRWM: Senior Year Plans + Classes (OOTD): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52gtpu5KJUA My …
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  1. Maricarmen Leon said:

    love it !!

  2. Viola Maria said:

    IVE watched this 3xs

  3. BeautyforYou . said:

    Very nice where did u get the earrings.

  4. nishamonae said:


  5. nishamonae said:

    awww thanks love. girlll any place I can get my butt in to lol but my top
    are dots, asos curve, curvaceous boutique, and lane bryant (sometimes) lol

  6. nishamonae said:


  7. dominique sanders said:

    You did that!!!! Love it

  8. safiya15 said:

    So nice!!!! I may need to try the Ruby Kisses Foundation!

  9. nishamonae said:

    thanks love, its actually a longggg colorblock racerback dress

  10. yaaharriott said:

    Very nice, really enjoyed this video!

  11. MissLLz said:

    You did that!!! *snaps fingers*

  12. AllYMAE BEll said:

    I love you! You are amazing!!! I swear you are my role model!! Imma plus
    size girl too! Where do you shop?!??!

  13. SoFreshDyamond said:


  14. India Amani said:

    So pretty!!! I love it!!

  15. nishamonae said:

    thanks love

  16. nishamonae said:

    owww owwwww

  17. Kimbella Chanel said:


  18. Carola Alberto said:

    I lovee it & u look reallyy nicee but also this video help mee a lot 🙂

  19. Meka Beep said:

    Very pretty!

  20. PrettyGyrlAngie said:

    yesi love them!! and your hair is pretty with the color added!

  21. MotherLioness17 said:

    Looove the colorblockd top n earrings! OMG! 🙂

  22. shainatec5 said:

    those foundations are the BOMB!!!! cover everything!!

  23. tenice0526 said:

    Imma a new subscriber and I just love your channel very nice

  24. nishamonae said:

    owww owwwww

  25. catmo59 said:

    You are consistently the BOMB!

  26. Shoudra Stargleam said:

    I love this. I can’t wait to pick some things up :3

  27. DoveLoveMoon said:

    I didn’t know she had her own make-up line! So cool. Great colors and
    collections. :)

  28. Marie Northwood said:

    I just have too say that I got my order in a few days ago, and I hands down
    love everything. The eyeshadows you have are so pigmented and beautiful. I
    am going to order more at once:)


  29. Viv Valore said:

    OMG! You are ridiculously great with your eye makeup. Effortless and
    amazing. Trying a sample of your eye primer soon from a friend. Crossing my
    fingers that it works for me so I can pick up somethings from this

  30. Harp Strings and Wings said:

    I just received my order and I’ll have a review up soon! I am loving
    Selfless and The Abbey. I can see myself rawking Inheritance blush in the
    late Fall/Winter. Excellent collection! :D

  31. Merdy Mench said:

    Such a beautiful collection, off to shop! And finally start watching
    downton abbey!

  32. nestfeathers88 said:

    I’m so glad I found xoloveleti which led me to discovering your channel! I
    am not new to youtube but I am VERY new to the natural makeup world. I’m
    not as into the natural aspect as much as the cruelty free aspect, but I
    love learning more about the concept as a whole. What would your
    recommendation be to someone new to your makeup line who wants to try out
    one or two products? I’m dabbling in all kinds of new brands and I really
    like your channel so I will definitely be checking out your collection! 

  33. CityCatCrafts said:

    Do you use oxides for your pigments? Just wondering because I want to
    create my own natural makeup brand eventually and I don’t know if I wanna
    use oxides or fruit, veggie, herbs, etc.

  34. inagadda1976 said:

    That collection is right up my alley! Neutrals of all kinds! Lol i have the
    lip jelly on the way. Thought it wld be a nicecomplimenttoGlamourto Go. I
    plan to be back to get the rest of downton and the night lipbalm and the
    powder primer. XO Davita

  35. Cassie Sweikert said:

    I love when you do tutorials with your products!

  36. GallieSallie said:

    Wow you have so many different products now – a cream blush! Will have to
    try a few things. Everything looks great.

  37. Emelia Hedman said:

    YES!! Do the smokey eye! That was gorgeous!

  38. 1991bumblebeeify said:

    Thanks for the review

  39. Cassiopée said:

    Magnificient !

  40. 1991bumblebeeify said:

    Thanks for the review

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