Lotus Bio-Mineral Pure Organic Cosmetics-Product Review

Lotus Bio-Mineral Pure Organic Cosmetics-Product Review

This is my product review of Lotus Bio-Mineral Pure Organic Cosmetics. I LOVE this line of makeup! Please check out their website at: www.lotuscosmeticsusa.com *I am in no way being compensated…

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  1. Mercedes Martinez said:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are interested in ordering
    any Lotus products that HauteLook.com is selling them right now at 50% off.
    HauteLook is a company owned by Nordstrom. They sell everything from men’s,
    women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, home furnishings, cookware, jewelry
    and beauty products. Everything on there site is always discounted. They
    have all different brands but they only keep them up for about 5 days or so
    and then they move on to other brands but they always bring things back!
    Right now they are selling Lotus Cosmetics so I would hurry over to there
    site cause like I said they will only sell it for around 5 days before they
    move on to another line. Things can sell out fast!

  2. cjmitzy said:

    Did this makeup make you break out in the beginning? Im 22 and only
    developed acne due to products that have pore clogging ingredients and my
    skin is also very sensitive. I had cleared up my skin amazingly within 2
    weeks not wearing makeup and just washing with a green beaver cleanser and
    nothing else no moisturizer then ive decided to try this makeup out and for
    some reason i think it broke me out BAD but not 100% sure it contains
    dimethicone and mica which is considered bad??

  3. 15jennyc said:

    Hi There, Have you ordered from them since? I just placed an order and the
    number on the email confirmation is disconnected and the mailbox for the
    number on their website keeps going to a recording that says their mailbox
    is full. So far I have not heard when my items are shipping and at this
    point, i wonder if they are still in business.

  4. 15jennyc said:

    @nadkinson Hi. So their customer service finally got back to me via email.
    Turns out they moved from NJ to FL and forgot to update their website with
    their new number: 561-223-3354. I alerted them to the fact that the website
    is having trouble taking orders and they are looking into it. My stuff
    shipped the day after I ordered it and should be arriving tomorrow. So,
    they are still in business. Thought you’d like to know.

  5. nadkinson said:

    @15jennyc I tried ordering from them last night in fact. I didn’t have
    success and kept getting redirected to a blank page. I also tried to call
    the customer service number and got the “mailbox full” message. I have
    found several places online that sell Lotus, so I think I am going to order
    elsewhere. I don’t know if they are having technical difficulties or if
    they are no longer in business. I just know that I NEED more powder! 🙂

  6. nadkinson said:

    Hi! I actually found that using a round makeup sponge is the best way to
    get good coverage. I found mine at my local Pharmacy in the cosmetics
    aisle. Hope this helps!

  7. nadkinson said:

    This makeup did not break me out at all. I have horribly acne prone skin
    but it is pretty much under control right now. I have stopped using this
    makeup because of issues with the parent company. I have tried to reorder
    from them multiple times and have had no luck. One time, my card was even
    charged (they swear it wasn’t) and I never received the product. Although
    this product seemed to work well for me, I am no longer recommending this
    product due to my poor experience and fear of a scam!

  8. satzi said:

    Hi! I’m from Sweden, so excuse my bad english..well, I just got the pressed
    foundation from Lotus (the same color as you) and haven’t found any info
    anywhere about wich brush to use. I tried it out this morning using a
    simple foundationbrush, but I didn’t get much coverage. What sort of brush
    did you use? Will a kabukibrush work or is a powderbrush better ( the ones
    you would use with a loose powder)? Thank you for your time, and a Happy
    New Year! 🙂

  9. nadkinson said:

    So, I just tried to call the new customer service number and I spoke to
    someone at Radical Cosmetics who barely spoke English and acted as if she
    had no clue that the website is not working correctly. I have still been
    unable to get an order to process through the Lotus website and I am
    beginning to feel like this is a sham. I really hope I am wrong because I
    REALLY love their product. I will continue to update!

  10. GivePawDogTraining said:

    Where else have you seen the products online?

  11. lovelyleblanc7 said:

    Oh, I’ve seen a lot of these brands. I’ve used some of them. Another brand
    I would recommend is Aveda.com

  12. Raw Food Life in Japan said:

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