1. insidiousmischka said:

    I love the recipes. Thank you! However, why would you not just mash the
    banana with a fork instead of going through the messy business of grating
    the banana? 😀 It just seems so unnecessary. 😉 

  2. Lena Le said:

    Good ingredients, great tips

  3. Gina dt said:

    you can eat that too. can i put on my face once everyday?

  4. 2Real said:

    why not use almond or coconut milk instead of yogurt ??

  5. Rosalia Fernandez Whipple said:

    how to make the powder from fresh potato puree? 

  6. krung2 lee said:
  7. 2Real said:

    could mix that with the Aztec Powder clay..;)

  8. Sivakarthikeyan Velayutham said:

    OJAS is everything….What if there was a special substance in the body
    that governed ageing, immunity,radiant skin, vigor, mood, sleep, digestion,
    spirituality, and physical strength? many factors can compromise the
    produciton of ojas, and many people have depleted ojas and lack the vigour,
    immunity, radiant glow and longevity they desire…READ this life changing
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    It is a life changing book…..Ojas book has many powerful information..all
    taken from ancient Hindu text.

  9. Paramjit Verma said:

    Also tell me about the wrinkles appear arround the eyes n forehead

  10. Paramjit Verma said:

    What is potato flour or any alternative

  11. ashi Afridi said:


  12. LifeCell USA said:

    It’s always good to try home remedy skincare to help achieve healthy skin.
    Thanks for sharing! 

  13. IdunnGoddess said:

    Fresh potato puree ))

  14. IdunnGoddess said:

    Second tip: Tea Tree Oil!!! Great way to cure acne. Just wipe your face 2-3
    times a day. And the third tip is an amazing anti-acne mask recipe – mix
    yeast (1 tablespoon) with warm boiled water (2 tablespoons) and few (3-4)
    drops of lemon juice. Apply to skin till it dry. Wash your face with cold
    water. I’ll shoot the video about it, but can’t promise when exactly. Good
    luck! 🙂

  15. IdunnGoddess said:

    It will take some time to shoot the video u ask. So I’ll write you here few
    recipes u can make at home. They are simple. First: if your pimples r red
    (irritated skin), you can use worldwide popular eye drops Visine. It will
    remove red irritated parts of skin (but will not help with pimples).

  16. Leslie Cruz said:

    can you please do a recipe of treatment for acne PLEASE I AM soo full of
    pimples I am getting tired of it

  17. LAM LAN said:

    Is there any alternatives for the Potato flour?

  18. IdunnGoddess said:

    That’s a good way too. But I prefer to grate banana because such kind of
    puree has no lumps )))

  19. VeryMarvellous said:

    I like these masks, tried them a few times 🙂 But I do mash my banana with
    a fork

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