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Hier kommt ihr zur Facebookseite von Ana: aem auf Facebook, dort findet ihr auch die Shops: Hair by Sandra Schneider.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Products Used Green Tea (pure!) Dr Haushka Translucent Makeup in 00 DIY Cocoa Bronzer DIY Beet + Glycerin cheek and lip stain Everday Minerals shadow in On The Phone Heritage Store Rose …

  1. Biine93 said:

    Echt tolle Produkte für die Gesichtspflege, wird demnächst mal bestellt

  2. Khalid Zaalouki said:

    +Katharina Kuhlmann du bist echt sehr hübsch irgendwann kannst du die
    Ganzen Tussis aus der Werbung mit ihren Produkten ablösen :)

  3. Ella May said:

    so pretty and in an unusual and unique way. rare! dont ever change.

  4. Lianne Deborah said:

    Gosh you’re very authentic and lovely :)

  5. Rubber Cement said:

    u don’t need make up 

  6. 107613cw said:

    You remind me of Kristen Stewart, i think you’re really pretty.
    Especially with the blush, it looks so cute! i’m gonna try it tomorrow!
    thanks it was really helpfull!

  7. Attics said:

    I seriously love all your videos, you’re a huge inspiration it’s crazy, I
    will definatlely be trying all this. I was wondering if you’re vegetarian
    or vegan? And also, do you by chance have an instagram? :)

  8. sarah kehler said:

    you are so gorgeous

  9. EcoholicBeauty said:

    I just found your channel through your ‘no poo’ video, love to see more
    videos on natural makeup! You are such a natural beauty. I’m a huge fan of
    the Heritage Store Rose Water. If you’re looking for affordable, natural
    eye makeup I would recommend Silk Naturals and The All Natural Face :)

  10. Germinay Jasmin said:

    Your makeup will cost 19 Euro in germany. Still not cheap but better than
    40 bugs. I think its the only time that i saw that our produkts are cheaper

  11. Rigona Buschgens said:
  12. Hoya Cow said:

    Can u please show how to make lip color and bronzer please I’m waiting… I
    love ur tutorials and hope to see more from u but u have stopped posting…
    Also can u tell me what moisturizer u use cause ur skin looks amazing…
    Thank you soo much for ur amazing videos

  13. Country Girl said:

    If u went to Silk Naturals and The All Natural Face, things are not
    expensive and you would not have to worry about beets, lol

  14. theiaksdm adlpf said:

    DIY Cocoa Bronzer and DIY Beet + Glycerin cheek and lip stain video please

  15. Hoya Cow said:

    Please do a products video thanks

  16. Cati heißtnichtwirklichKeks said:

    Oh my god, you are so inspiring, I just found your channel throungh a
    german youtuber xKarenina, and I can’t stop watching 🙂 I’d really love to
    see more about the organic makeup you’re using, this is very interesting!
    Also I’d love to have your healthy hair, but I can’t stop using normal
    shampoo and stuff, but I think I’ll try to change that now.
    greets from germany !:D

  17. Giovanna Phenix said:

    you are my favorite natural methods girly! i first saw your video on poo
    free methods a few years ago and was so eager to try chagrin valley’s
    shampoo bars. which by the way i believe chagrin valley changed their
    demographic after they saw that young beautiful girls like you were
    promoting their product! i loved them and have never gone to anything else
    and my hair is truly amazing for the first time in my life. you even
    answered an email i sent when i had questions about going poo free.
    basically, i just want to say thanks because there are a lot of girls out
    there who are trying to be natural and aware of what we’re putting on and
    in our bodies and yet still want to play with hair and makeup and you are
    helping us because you’re doing your research well! i am eager to try these
    tips and products! especially the home made cheek stain. 

  18. highdefinitiondiva said:

    OMG thanks my dear!! i love your creative spirit!! i could go to sleep
    with that on and not worry a bit!

  19. A OK said:

    make more videos. you’re awesome. 

  20. nanatoldmeimaladybug said:

    Please make a video on the beet blush

  21. Barbara St said:

    That Looks amazing! Could you please do some DIYs, I’d love them. I just
    changed my hair Routine to organic products and I’m really happy with that.
    The Dr. Hauschka is really cheaper here in Germany (15-19 €). But I don’t
    like the smell of it.

  22. Rori G said:

    thank you so much for the beet cheek stain idea! your gorgeous dear!

  23. esmeralda botello said:

    Hi! I love your videos! So glad you didn’t stop making them! I was
    wondering if you could make a video on the beet cheek/lip stain! Thank you!

  24. Clara Herbst said:

    Can you make a Video about the blush please? Sorry My english is terrible…

  25. WhiteGirlAwesome1 said:

    Please do a video about how to make the cocoa bronzer and the beet-glycerin
    cheek stain!! I have never been able to find products for blush/bronzer
    that haven’t made me break out. P.S. Love your videos!

  26. Brittini Cherie said:

    I would love for you to do the cheek stain video! i love all of them! im
    currenly doing no poo and accidentally put WAY too much coconut oil, lol.

  27. lolita said:

    Really wanna see how to make the lip/cheek stain!! ^_^ <3

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