1. Bre E. said:

    I get better results from Maybelline illegal length or loreal telescopic

  2. Sheri G. said:

    A benefit sponsored video??

  3. Sona Gasparian said:

    Hi loves, here is a simple everyday makeup tutorial using only a few
    products by Benefit Cosmetics. Plus I’m finally revealing the mystery
    mascara, The Roller Lash! 

  4. Claire Ashley said:

    You are so lovely, Sona! Xoxo

  5. Michelle Black said:

    How can you be so perfect?

  6. Anita McBriar said:

    Gorgeous look Sona! I have the lollitint stain but haven’t used it yet, you
    have inspired me to use it! Can I ask what nail polish you’re wearing? It’s
    such a pretty colour xx

  7. zohra khelifa said:

    i send u a big kiss from tunisia .
    sorry for my englesh

  8. Erica Ariza said:

    Hi Sona! I would like to know what product did you inyect on your cheecks?
    I can see them very diferent.. And good! Thank you!

  9. theoboegoddess said:

    That’s actually a very flattering mascara on you!!

  10. carebearscooby said:

    I wish you showed how you applied your foundation/base makeup, but I
    realise this is a sponsored vid and not really your own tutorial

  11. Julia D said:

    I am in love with the packaging and already love They’re Real Mascara. Can
    I use this in combination with it? Also, this is available for pre order on
    HSN as they have a Benefit event coming up soon. I’m about to place my
    order for auto delivery but anyone interested can check it out there. 

  12. Orianna Canlas said:

    why do I feel like the mascara is just an expensive version of a drugstore
    mascara that I’ve seen before, not sure if it’s clump crusher by covergirl

  13. Elle Is For Living said:

    So pretty. Love the packaging of that roller lash. ♥ Elle

  14. Chy'm El said:

    Beautiful! And your lashes never looked so good <3

  15. tina kaye said:

    My goodness is everyone reviewing this mascara! 

  16. Maria Crecco said:

    This is so pretty! And I really want to try out that mascara!

  17. Camila Cléo said:

    linda, Sona… know my brasilian channel…

  18. karyann said:

    Hi Sona, I love your videos and you’re one of my favorite YouTubers, but I
    really think that your latest videos sound SO sponsored… It’s hard to
    believe that it’s your honest opinion of the products you’re using.
    CoverGirl, Urban Decay, now Benefit… I’m not a hater, I really like your
    videos, but now it feels that I’m watching ads instead of tutorials. 

  19. Hibah Mirza said:

    Gorgeous as always!!!

  20. Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk said:

    Sona! I’m addicted to your tutorials! You’re such an inspiration and very
    talented young lady! Keep filming please, I’m already looking forward to
    the next one;-)))

  21. Garen Mosoyan said:

    You are soooo amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Melissa Simmonds said:

    You’re so great at makeup, glad I found this!

  23. Hazel Dela Cruz said:

    I love your hair curled up. Which size barrel did you use?

  24. Ani Khudaverdyan said:

    Every single time I get a notification by youtube about you uploading a
    video, I instantly become happy! :)) You inspire me :)!

  25. Leticia Garcia said:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Love from Canada! 

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