MakeUp Tutorial: 100% Pure (natural / organic) , BH Cosmetics (cheap)

I pretty much own all of 100% pure products. I mean i still have a lot of make up from other companies (MAC, Bare Essentials, Urban Decay, Stila, Sephora, et…
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PLEASE READ** How do YOU feel about the natural/organic/green cosmetics trend? Let’s hear your opinion on this! For a list of the ingredients that I mentio…

  1. Ocean James said:

    Hey, I wanted to ask you if it’s ok if I put Dijon mustard on my face a few
    times a week. Please let me know, I’ll probably do it again tomorrow.
    Thanks 😉 James, subbed xoxo

  2. Ocean James said:

    You have a great smile

  3. initiald22 said:

    What shades you use ? 

  4. Sabinchen Meister said:

    Thanks for also listing what kind of makeup you have from other companies
    (I have a LOT of makeup from Bare Essentials). I think because of this I
    will make the plunge and try out a few of 100% Pure’s products… It’s nice
    to hear from someone who was using some of the same makeup as I am. I was
    afraid because I have so much Bareminerals makeup and I probably don’t need
    any more makeup, but Bareminerals doesn’t have any liquid foundation as far
    as I’m aware. Will try these products… and probably be addicted just like
    you! haha. I have the 100% Pure under-eye cream already and love it.

  5. TheBodyCareRN said:

    Since you love it! You should sign up as a consultant with Alex and Von who
    has partnered with 100% pure. I ordered thru the A and V website some Cocoa
    foundation based on your review as I had not heard of them but excited to
    try natural vegan product! Thanks!

  6. Emily Reggy said:
  7. SantasSpecialOffers said:
  8. ISwimWithSharks69 said:
  9. Sciencenaturelove said:
  10. sassyblueme said:
  11. Moshe Alvarez said:
  12. Jo Stamey said:
  13. playingwithcolor said:
  14. playingwithcolor said:
  15. playingwithcolor said:
  16. playingwithcolor said:
  17. Know The Son First said:

    What do you think about the fact that these beauty companies torture
    helpless cute little creatures like the one you have there, for the sake of
    …vanity. Is it worth it? That alone made me stop using such makeup, on
    top of the fact that they are a serious health hazard to women’s
    health. God bless.

  18. JoAnn Fowler said:
  19. ChicagoExaminer said:
  20. brikasiabeauty said:
  21. brikasiabeauty said:
  22. Atman81 said:
  23. Vanessa F. said:
  24. Emily said:
  25. kimbo263 said:
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  27. Emily said:
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  29. Emily said:
  30. jane knox said:
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