1. Shedonista Shamanatrix said:

    I am so happy to see you using an all natural and organic line!!!

    Some time ago, I asked you about your makeup choices, and why you didn’t
    use all natural and organic makeup since you’re so conscious about what you
    put IN your body, and I never saw a reply, so, again, I am SO pleased to
    see you working with an all natural and organic company!!!

    When switching to the chemical free, organic makeup way, it takes a bit of
    time for your skin to detox from all the chemicals and toxins, waxes and,
    well, CRAP in non-natural, non-organic products, however if you stick to
    it, you will soon see a VAST improvement in your overall skin health and

  2. BeautyWithBeccaX3 said:

    You are so pretty

  3. 123Burningheart said:

    Does this foundation help cover acne/is it easy to build up to medium
    coverage? And I don’t mean just a few red blemishes here and there… Lol.
    I mean pigmentation problems and acne scars as well. Please answer…
    Thanks! :)

  4. Nathalie Rae said:

    Does this line work for oily skin? It’s a bit pricey with very few shade
    selections, but I would love to try it because it is natural. I rarely wear
    lipstick, but that lipstick is everything! So gorgeous.

  5. smartie II said:

    who was the cameraman and the cutter? I like your camera quality more,
    cassandra. it’s just a camera-recording-thing..

  6. dvoted4life said:

    awesome video t4s have never tried will have to give it a try 

  7. Teph Williams said:

    That’s such a beautiful makeup look! I think it’s so great that Juice
    Beauty uses all natural ingredients.

  8. Eveline Strandell said:

    I got a little Q for Juicy Beauty, I would like to use more organic makeup
    but the brands I’ve used, their products tend to smell quite a lot. I mean,
    the products don’t smell bad but the smell can be a little too “in your
    face” if you know what I mean? So what I wanted to ask was, what
    ingredients do you use to make your products smell nice?
    And another one for Cassandra, when using so many powders on more or less
    the same place on the face, how do you make your face not look all dried
    up? If I use too many powders I look drier than the Saharan desert haha!

  9. SweetLillyMoon said:

    I have very sensitive skin and would love the chance to win and try these
    awesome products!

  10. Juliee Bee said:

    Looks great, love it!
    All natural products sound awesome 

  11. IheartLOST06 said:

    Gorgeous! I love this natural fall makeup! love you cassandra 😀 <3

  12. Gillian Bower said:

    I hadn’t heard of Juice Beauty, must try and find it!! You were so lucky
    to be invited to their office and take a look around.
    Gorgeous look <3 

  13. Danielle James said:

    +Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 I just subscribed to you yesterday.
    i just found your videos and i fell in love! your amazing and beautiful!! i
    have suffered from acne for 17 years and your make up videos are a God
    send! 1 question if you can answer……i noticed in some videos you put
    concealer on before your foundation and in some after your foundation. do
    you always switch depending on how your skin currently looks (if your
    having a break out or not) or have you officially made the switch to using
    concealer only before foundation? 

  14. Rebecca Kelsey Sampson said:

    Great look! Especially in the shots with your face head on. I’m glad you
    got this cool opportunity.

  15. Sandy P said:

    Where is your glasses from? so cute!

  16. amy64091 said:

    awesome makeup look

  17. Ruth Santiago said:

    The foundation coverage is amazing ! With my oily and acne prone skin, I
    couldn’t imagine having the opportunity to try out organic products, oh my.
    Very beautiful, wow.

  18. Anna Hlíf Lýðsdóttir said:

    Girl, you are gorgeous! – Love the makeup look + your accessorizes <3 

  19. Joanna Green said:

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t like cheap chemically makeup! But organic
    natural makeup sucks it looks thick and heavy:(

  20. nymph lake said:

    Love the look

  21. Mackenzi Miller said:

    Can you do a review of their blemish skin care kit? I’m interested in it,
    but the reviews I’ve read aren’t very good. So I’ll trust what you say. 

  22. TheNicoliyah said:

    This is a really nice look, looking good girl!

  23. Linn Moberg said:

    Organic makeup? Wow that’s so cool! Your videos are always so unique,
    original and informative. Big thumbs up! I hope one day my videos can be as
    good as yours. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  24. Kittenx kore said:

    I love the dark hair! So pretty!! Xoxo

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