100% Pure from Chocolate Lotus – Organic Cosmetics Review

The items in the review: Peach body cream (pump) bought at 100% pure last year From Chocolate Lotus: 100% Pure Strawberry Lip Butter 100% Pure Creamstick Lip…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Sappho Cosmetics www.sapphocosmetics.com Foundation: Kate Concealer: Neutraiity Powder: Silky Setting Powder Eyebrows Blushes: Fleur & Solace Eyes: Mainlight…

  1. Arallist said:

    I really enjoyed your review! 😀

  2. Colorful Canary said:

    @iiicoco I have used this on my entire body and face…unfortunately 100%
    pure has been reformulating their products and now many of them are no
    longer organic or contain much less organic ingredients so I am not
    purchasing form them any more, not to mention that they banned me from
    their Facebook page for bringing this up to them :s…I actually prefer the
    Bubble & Bee product line, the owner is extremely honest and knowledgeable
    and their products are safe and better priced.

  3. Gezab said:

    gotta love how your cosmetic line is named after an ancient greek lesbian

  4. Jeanette Schwarz said:

    Inspiring Cosmetics! Beautiful Artistry! I am the biggest Sappho fan, and
    love this video…it really showcases the quality of this product and the
    ease of use; not to mention how gorgeous it looks on. The icing on the cake
    is how good it is for you! Georgeous! Love it!

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