RMS Beauty review & tutorial: Organic natural cosmetics used by Miranda Kerr & korres eyeliner

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Make the switch to beauty thats more than skin deep with natural cosmetics. Learn about mineral makeupwhy you should use it and how to apply itfrom Mineral F…

  1. Kaitlin o'connor said:

    Thanks for the review! I ordered the lip2cheek in Modest and the lip shine
    in Sacred. Next time I’m definitely getting the living luminizer!

  2. Rowena Braddock said:

    Thanks for posting such an informative video x I’m from Australia, just
    wondering where you buy RMS products? Is it more of an online product?

  3. lizmorcs3223 said:

    Will be trying rms and vapour beauty soon. Thanks for the reviews. They
    helped me decide what makeup brand to get. You’re very lovely- a healthy
    diet and holistic skincare added together makes a difference. I’m trying to
    be holistic and your channel is helping me a lot. Thanks. I’m also
    interested in your book. Will be looking into that soon.

  4. Angelica Moreno said:

    Whats ur natural lip color? I have very natural pigmented lips so when I
    wear lipsticks similar to the modest lip2cheeck color my lips look darker
    than the actual product color. I really like how modest looks on u but I’m
    afraid if I buy it it will look darker on me because of my dark lips.

  5. Ana Matos said:

    Hello 🙂
    Do you experience any creasing with the uncoverup? Also, what color do you
    recomend for a NW20 in MAC conlealer? Thank you!

  6. p7h00j33 said:

    Thanks for the review but you should have zoomed in with the camera so we
    can see the product up-close.

  7. hehehe927 said:

    i really like the idea of using all-ready made products/ organic makeup but
    thats not always the case. It would be nice to have videos about how to
    make your own products from homemade ingredients :)

  8. 666mathew said:

    Wow, you’re beautiful!

  9. Emily C said:

    Here I share my makeup tutorial for the 100% natural raw and organic
    cosmetics brand RMS Beauty, apologies for the annoying clicking music in
    the background..

    #rmsbeauty #rawcosmetics #raw #rawfood #rawbeauty #organicbeauty
    #rosemaryswift #korres #korresmakeup 

  10. Joseph Lee said:

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    demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever seen a beauty product area
    set-up in your local mall offering Free trials? Well you must check out
    this website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to
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  11. lipstickcrunchy said:

    I’ve used and LOVED RMS beauty products for over a year now, but recently
    read that the Lip2Cheek products and possibly others contain Carmine which
    is produced from crushed beetles. What are you thought on this ingredient?
    I’m debating whether or not I will continue the use of products containing

  12. TheBeautyPlan said:

    Its by Korres and its the black shade, really lovely eye pencil!

  13. kate mcnab said:

    So happy I found this, Thanks so much. I have been wanting to try RMS for
    months now. I have the same coloring as you so Im think Ill just buy the
    foundation in the 22 and the modest lip2cheek and living luminizer. I saw
    on the RMS facebook page theres a new bright pink lip2cheek, tempted to try
    that to. Do you know where I can buy them in the UK?

  14. SillySimplicity said:

    I’ve checked out the rms brand before, but what I was concerned about was
    the coconut oil and cocoa butter. I’ve read that they’re quite comedogenic
    (both rating 4 out of 5), although there are many reviews of people using
    them as moisturizers and having no problems. So are they really comedogenic?

  15. pari said:

    What is the brand of eyeliner that you used?

  16. TheBeautyPlan said:

    Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂 Thats such a shame that your skin reacted
    to it as its such a beautiful range! Have you ever tried using coconut oil
    on your face on its own? If so have you had a reaction to it? The reason I
    ask is that it seems to be contained in most of the RMS products and on
    rare occasions I have had clients say that they have had a similar reaction
    to the coconut. Personally I can sleep in the RMS range and it wont
    irritate my skin, & thats rare as my skin is sensitive x

  17. Aspyn Rose said:

    I’m absolutely in love with you and your videos. As a teenager in America
    it’s hard to find organic and non irritating makeup for sensitive skin.
    What are your recommendations for acne and what may help prevent and cover
    annoying breakouts? THANKS 🙂

  18. Lauren Meissner said:

    what mascara do you use?

  19. TheBeautyPlan said:

    Its the black shade by Korres 🙂

  20. TheBeautyPlan said:

    To cover up acne I would suggest either the RMS Beauty uncoverup or I’m
    also enjoying Vapour Organic Beauty Luminous Foundation. I recently posted
    a video on it if you want to check it out. Both of these foundations are
    gentle and natural and wont irritate your skin. In regards to reducing
    acne, it really comes down to diet & lifestyle and not putting any harsh
    artificial skin care products on that will unbalance your skin. Keep
    watching my vids as I’ll be covering skin issues soon x

  21. Kimberly Dutil said:

    I love the colors and ingredients in this brand. I’m not wild about the
    pots since fingers in skin care cause bacterial growth. Though this can be
    easily avoided by using orange sticks. Thank you for this informative

  22. TheBeautyPlan said:

    My new favorite lip2cheek shade is Demure, I prefer it over Modest 🙂

  23. TheBeautyPlan said:

    I have used coconut oil all over my body (and face) and I don’t have any
    issues. When I wear the RMS foundation my skin has no reaction at all, if I
    use a high end foundation eg Chanel etc I break out. x

  24. Shan Billa said:

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    demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever seen a cosmetics area set-up
    in your local shopping plaza offering free test products? Well I discovered
    a website that will send Free trials to your home, its the best way to get
    free skincare products 🙂 Get yours here bit.ly/1bfDNTe?v=xtmln

  25. TheBeautyPlan said:

    Ah ok I did see that comment and meant to check out the blog, will have a
    look now. Im going to be doing a vid soon on the ins and outs of “natural”
    ingredients as it can be so hit or miss. The Valenti Organics range looks
    nice, have you tried it?

  26. JenniViZ said:

    Thank you for making cosmetics that is healthy and beneficial oppose to
    makeup that is full of chemical and junk! [:

  27. Angela White said:

    what whole foods market are you filming at????

  28. xoxolovelybee said:

    Love it want 1 in Cali!!

  29. pamela2u said:

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