1. MissMaïs said:

    I love your video 🙂
    I’m changing my products for organic and vegan ones now, and I’m also
    trying to do my own natural products with natural ingredients 🙂
    Love from france ! Gaëlle

  2. Sim's Natural Choices said:

    I have been put off by Burt’s Bees and Yes To as they are not always as
    natural as they make themselves out to be 🙁 

  3. Holistic Heart said:

    zoya nail polish is too!

  4. Shauna Stanley said:

    I just came across your videos and I was wondering if you have ever heard
    of Arbonne!

  5. Nijah Teagle said:

    Omgg your so cool thanks this video is a life is a life saver!! 

  6. Gaby Parra said:

    Eos aren’t very good for you. Like most drugstore lip balms they contain
    ingredients that eventually dry out your lips in the long run so you’ll
    keep buying them.

  7. Chemical Detox said:

    Great video! I also make videos about natural organic chemical free
    products 🙂 

  8. connie black said:

    Love the video!!!!Thank u 4 sharing such great products!!

  9. thatgoesinthere said:

    Just in case anyone watching this is confused (the title is a little
    misleading): No the Burt’s Bee’s ointment and EOS lip balms are NOT vegan.
    They contain beeswax.

  10. polyglothamster said:

    thank you so much for this!!!!! <3

  11. quekxl said:

    Awh man, my skin couldnt tolerate the avalon organics lavender facial wash
    :(.. But im looking for a body lotion and im looking to try out the dessert
    essence one! 

  12. aphroditesheaven said:

    Hey girl! 🙂 My channel is new to YouTube, hopefully you can hop on over
    and check it out! Also feel free to subscribe!! Hope you’re having a great

  13. Po Bird said:

    You should do a video on natural/ vegan/ organic makeup too if you have any
    favorite.. :D

  14. Diana Bew said:

    What is the lipstick you are wearing? Its beautiful.

  15. Tara E. said:

    What mic are you using? 

  16. Leilani's Journey said:

    I Love all these products too!! 

  17. mykwilwin said:

    are these sold in stores or on etsy or yorbin

  18. ローズチャイナ said:

    I really loved this ! But I think you should take Burt’s Bees off the list
    for those who take parent companies into consideration when looking for
    vegan and cruelty free products. Although Burt’s Bees IS cruelty free and
    always has been, they are owned by Clorox, which is not cruelty free :-^(

    Anyways, I really loved this!! You seemed so nice and I was able to get
    like 2-3 things from this video so thanks! 

  19. Ariel Bellasario said:

    +Kachii3 yes you are always suppose to dilute essential oils with a carrier
    oil like coconut oil jojoba oil etc

  20. Yanfang Chen said:

    fragrance is really bad for your skin

  21. Janeane A said:

    You are so cute. Thanks for sharing your videos. Just love them. 

  22. CravingEmi said:

    I bought nail polish from the same company from Whole Foods when they had a
    50% off sale! Try the honeydew scent EOS lipbalm, best in the line. But
    they are not moisturizing enough for dry Winter weather.

  23. Chic! said:

    Wow, great that you did a natural favorites video :D! The brands you
    mentioned are all new for me.

  24. All You Need For Beauty said:

    I think its really great that you are sharing natural products. having said
    that, not all are created equal so be sure to read the labels and if
    anything looks like a science experiment,don’t get it.

  25. Saachmeet said:

    hey. Maybe you already knew. But you can make your own dry shampoo by
    mixing cacao powder and corn starch, if you add essential oils like mint or
    even lavender it will make your hair smell lovely. Natural, easy and cheap.
    You can fill it in the empty bottle of your purchased dry shampoo, so it
    will still look good. 🙂 

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